Open And Operating As Normal In Lockdown 2.0

Bedford Dentist St. Peter's Studio durning Covid-19 lockdown 2.0

Following Boris Johnson’s national announcement on Saturday 31 October, we are pleased to announce that we are still able to operate more or less as usual. Most importantly, we are equipped to help patients facing dental difficulties. We are able to fix that broken filling, cement back that crown that has fallen out, and investigate…

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We are back!

St peters studio dental clinic

Good news. We are opening on 8th June. You may have heard the good news this past Thursday on BBC news that dental practices are now able to open up from the 8th June. This brings great excitement to me, as it means that we can go back to some sort of normality. However, it…

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Personal and Oral hygiene are imperative during Coronavirus lockdown

A few words from Gail Constant… You may already be familiar with the phrase on social media jokes…”My teacher always told me that I would never amount to anything in life, but here I am sitting on my sofa saving myself and the world!’ But actually, you will be disappointed to know nothing could be…

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Choose confidence and a dazzling smile….

Uncover the magic of St Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic! Do you enjoy going to the dentist? Does your dentist know your first name and all of the things that matter to you? Here at St Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic we strive to create a relaxing environment, where you can enjoy your journey to confidence and…

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COVID-19 Update from St Peters Studio Dental Clinic

A few words from Dr Hema Mistry… As you are already aware, the current rampant spread of the COVID-19 virus has resulted in many people self-isolating within the Bedfordshire community because of the increasing public health concerns. So, what does this mean for the provision of dental care? At St Peters Studio Dental Clinic, we…

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GDPR at St. Peter’s Studio Dental Studio Dental Clinic

GDPR is the biggest change to UK data privacy law in 20 years. You will be pleased to know that we store and keep all the data shared with us safely.  We do not share any data with a third party without your explicit written consent. Mostly, data is shared with third parties where your continued care is outside…

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Crowns In A Day

Crowns constructed while you wait with CEREC technology At St Peters Studio Dental Clinic, we know that many of our patients live a busy life and prefer to have procedures completed on the same day if possible. Some dental treatments, such as dental crowns and veneers, generally need two appointments; one to prepare the teeth…

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Newsletter February 2016


Happy belated New Year to all our loyal patients. We’ve started the New Year welcoming Razwana, who qualified to become a hygienist in Denmark in 2005, she has been a great success with the patients and fitted in well with the staff. She is available for appointments on Tuesdays. Some of you may have met…

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When Was The Last Time You Flossed?

Using dental floss as part of your daily dental hygiene routine can help prevent gum disease by removing unseen food and plaque from between your teeth. Plaque is a thin, sticky film made of bacteria. When it builds up it can cause irritation and inflammation to the gums.  Anytime we eat or drink sugary foods…

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