COVID-19 Update from St Peters Studio Dental Clinic

A few words from Dr Hema Mistry…

As you are already aware, the current rampant spread of the COVID-19 virus has resulted in many people self-isolating within the Bedfordshire community because of the increasing public health concerns. So, what does this mean for the provision of dental care?

At St Peters Studio Dental Clinic, we are working closely with the messages sent from Boris Johnson, the department of health and the British Dental Association, all of which are urging us not to travel or meet with people unless it is absolutely necessary.

We are probably one of the cleanest facilities you will visit as there are already strict protocols that we work to daily. The COVID-19 virus has made us even stricter, in addition to our usual protocols, we are only allowing one person/family in the waiting room at a given time and are wiping down all door handles and waiting room chairs, between each patient, with a disinfectant spray that is effective against viruses. But despite all of this we believe that the provision of routine, non-urgent dental care and hygiene treatments should be postponed until after the COVID-19 crisis has settled down a bit. We are particularly concerned about the members of our dental clinic who are in the vulnerable categories.

For the coming weeks we are ceasing to carry out routine dental care and cosmetic procedures including our beauty treatments such as wrinkle reducing injections and dermal fillers. Our clinic remains open but please do not visit us without a prior appointment. Our phone lines will continue to be manned for an extended period from 8am until 10pm in the evenings for the coming weeks, including the weekend, and you will get through to our dentist, Dr Hema Mistry, who will be able to give comprehensive advise and provide emergency dentistry if required.

Please ring 01234 261881 for any advice or treatment you may require. Please keep yourself safe during this difficult period. We will see you soon once the restrictions have lifted and we get back to business as usual.