The Dental Surgeons at St. Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic are experienced at creating beautiful smiles to the very highest quality, so you can be confident of being in the best of hands.

Our staff are friendly and welcoming, and in keeping with being a cosmetic practice where many smiles are designed. St. Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic has a comfortable, non-clinical atmosphere. In our patient lounge, for instance, you can relax with hot or cold beverages while reading the newspaper. When you get home, we will even give you a call to see how you’re getting on. We will look after you through the whole process.

To achieve the right result, we may use a combination of treatments, teeth straightening, crowns, dental implants and composite bonding. We tailor the treatments for your smile design to your wishes.

We will encourage you to be fully involved in treatment decisions. We use technology in the practice in conjunction with some Cosmetic laboratories so that we can create ‘virtual’ Smile Designs.

Photographs and models can be sent to our laboratories and a virtual end outcome can be reliably predicted.