Eight good reasons why it is important to visit your dental hygienist.

Excellent gum health preserves the bone support around the teeth and thereby gives us the foundations for good dental health.  Since May 2013 you can see hygienists without seeing the dentist.  At St. Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic we have embraced this method of working and you can see our hygienist whenever you like.

  1. To prevent gum disease
    Gum disease leads to the destruction of the bone and gum support around your teeth.  This means that your teeth can eventually become loose and fall out.  Your hygienist can assess the health of your gums and provide treatment and advise on how to keep them healthy.  A good home routine on cleaning your teeth is essential in the prevention of gum disease.
  2. To prevent bad breath
    Halitosis (bad Breath) can be caused by bacteria residing under the gum line where only a dental professional can clean.  There are other reasons for halitosis but seeking advise from your dentist or dental hygienist may be a good place to start.
  3. Having a brighter, whiter, smile
    External stains can build up from tea, coffee, tobacco and red wine and other foods.  Whitening toothpastes can break down some of these stains but the best result will be from having a professional clean from your dental hygienist.
  4. To prevent gingivitis
    Bleeding gums can often be a symptom we ignore.  Bleeding gums can be hidden so that other people cannot notice.  But we would not ignore a bleeding eye or bleeding nose.  This can be easily treated and preventative advice given by your dental hygienist with results shown within a few days of visiting.
  5. To prevent oral cancer
    Oral cancer screening will be a routine examination when you visit your dentist regularly.  But if you are seeing the hygienist without visiting the dentist, then they will carry out an oral cancer screening and refer you for a second opinion if there are concerns. Oral cancer usually occurs without any symptoms so regular examinations of your mouth by a health professional is imperative.
  6. To improve your self-confidence
    Having an attractive smile is important to people when they are communicating.  Having the stains removed from your teeth and not having bad breath can affect how you form relationships and improve your confidence for getting physically close to someone and kissing.  Knowing that you have healthy gum health can give you peace of mind
  7. Poor Oral health and the link to general health
    Diabetes, auto-immune conditions, certain drugs and smoking can cause you to have gum problems.  Sometimes we can make a link between these conditions and gum disease.  If you are already diagnosed with any of these conditions then when you are in a phase where you are not well controlled then the gum health may deteriorate as well.  Poor oral health has also been linked to heart conditions.
  8. To detect other problems in the mouth
    Your dental hygienist may diagnose defective fillings or decay.  This is important particularly if you have not kept up with your visits to the dentist.

For many people who are worried about attending the dentist, visiting the dental hygienist first may be a good introduction to the practice.  Whatever your needs and however long it has been since your last visit, we are here to help you get the dental health and smile you desire.