Love Your Skin Image

We live in a time where everyone is striving for the impossible.  We know our role models, and beauty bloggers, cheat the camera by adding filters and photo edits which are readily available on even standard mobile phones.  Why do we still strive for the flawless, wrinkle-free complexion? Does it exist? Can we actually achieve it?

We have been cheating time for years now with muscle relaxants such as Botox and Dermal Fillers for the more youthful appearance.  These beauty treatments are readily available and widely used, with many studies supporting their safety. The regular consumer base now considers this as nothing more than getting a facial or pedicure.  But do these treatments actually work?

There are muscles in the face that are present for facial expressions.  It is these movements when used every day that can lead to wrinkles at rest and a harsh facial appearance. For example, if you frown a lot then you can end up with lines at rest in between the eyebrows.  Even smiling can cause wrinkles around the eyes.  By preventing movement of particular muscle groups using muscle relaxing injections the face appears smoother even when the person is dynamic.  We are no longer aiming for the frozen look but a natural, age-defying appearance.  The only person who will know the secret of this youthfulness is you.

The other treatments that have been around for years, Micro-Needling and Chemical Skin Peels are used to rejuvenate the outer layer of the skin. These treatments remove the dead outer layer of the skin forcing it to heal with a new, more youthful collagen. The treatments are custom delivered to suit your individual needs.  So consult with you your Facial Aesthetics provider whether you are looking to treat acne scarring, excessive pigmentation, under eye dark circles or just to remove those fine lines.

Some may question, why not just age naturally and be happy?  Looking good improves your confidence.  The face is such an exposed part of your body if you are not confident in how you look then your mannerisms will reflect this making you appear shy and awkward.  If you are constantly worrying about how you present yourself, this can adversely affect your mood causing anxiety.  So should these treatments be considered taboo after all?

Maybe we cannot get to the same level of perfection as a professional photo editor would achieve, but we can wear our skin and our confidence a whole lot closer to this.