Overcome the hurdles that prevent you from seeking dental care.

Did you know that as many as 35% of patients will either have a fear of attending the dentist or will be faced with a procedure that they would rather not have completed because of anxiety………You are definitely not alone!!

There are some important things that the dental team can do to make your visit to the dentist more pleasant if you are nervous.

Here are some of the most important factors:


  • Appointments that are running on time

It can be so daunting for an anxious patient to be kept waiting for their appointment.  We fully understand that waiting too long could easily make anxiety worse.  Being seen on time will start your journey to the dentist’s office in a more pleasant manner.


  • Building a relationship

It is so important to get to know your patients, whether they are nervous or not.  The dentist can collect all patients from the waiting room and should be genuinely interested in you as a person.  Our nurses are equally as important in building a relationship with the patients.  We are one big dental team, genuinely working as one big happy family, and this pleasant atmosphere helps the nervous patient.  Remembering what is important for you is so important to building rapport and this helps us propose the correct treatments for you as an individual, and carry out the procedures at the right pace for peace of mind.  Our bespoke service is designed to make all our patients feel at ease because we recognise that everyone is different, with unique requirements.


  • 100% attention for all of our patients

When you are particularly nervous about an appointment, it is important that you  feel that you are given complete attention from the dental team.  We will engaged you on a personal level so your mind is put at ease for the treatment that you are facing. We train our dental team to notice how you are coping overall and whether you would like a short break from the procedure.  Never worry that the dental team are taking over because you will be in full control over the treatments that are carried out and the pace of your appointments.


  • Homely environment

Coming to a friendly, homely environment will put you at ease for your dental treatment.  We invite you to our newly refurbished Georgian home and can offer you a hot or cold drink to help you relax when you arrive.  You can take your mind off things with the daily newspaper or our assortment of magazines or be accompanied in the reception room by our friendly staff who will look after you from the minute you set foot into the building to the moment you are saying good bye. Our friendly staff will be empathetic towards your nervousness and we can deliver your care at a pace that suits you.


  • Choose a dental practitioner that can offer sedation.

It is not always necessary for every nervous patient to receive sedation when they are worried about a procedure.  But it can be helpful if there are treatments that you feel you cannot cope with.  Choosing a dentist who is able to carry out dental sedation means that you will be treated by someone used to anxious patients and all your dental care can be carried out by the dentist with whom you have already built up rapport.


So, please do not let anxiety get in the way of getting the dental care that you deserve.


Yours Sincerely


Dr Hema Mistry