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Choosing between NHS and private dental care is a decision that many individuals grapple with.

While the NHS offers affordability and accessibility, it often falls short in providing a personalised and comprehensive dental experience. At St Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic, we believe dental health is integral to your overall well-being.

Nestled in a beautiful Georgian building that feels more like a welcoming home than a clinical setting, our clinic offers unparalleled care that extends far beyond the dental chair. From the moment you walk through our doors, you're not just a patient but part of our family.

The NHS: A Brief Overview

The National Health Service (NHS) has long been a cornerstone of healthcare in the UK, offering a range of dental services that are both affordable and accessible. However, while the NHS does an admirable job in providing essential dental care, it often lacks the personalised touch and extensive treatment options that many patients desire.

Unlocking Private Dental Care Benefits

Regarding dental care, your choices can impact your overall health and well-being. While the NHS offers essential dental services, opting for private dental care can unlock a host of additional benefits designed to enhance your experience and outcomes.

From shorter waiting times to more personalised care, private dental practices like St. Peter’s Studio Dental Clinic offer a level of service that goes above and beyond.

Shorter Waiting Times

One of the most significant advantages of private dental care at St Peter's Studio Dental Clinic is the availability of immediate appointments. Our flexible scheduling ensures you can see a dentist at your earliest convenience without the long waiting times often associated with NHS services.

Emergency Care

In dental emergencies, time is of the essence. Our clinic offers emergency services seven days a week, ensuring immediate care is just a phone call away.

Quality Time

Our initial consultation appointments last 45 minutes, allowing us ample time to understand your dental health, lifestyle, budget, and any anxieties you may have. This quality time ensures a thorough examination and a tailored treatment plan.

More Personalised Care

At St Peter's Studio Dental Clinic, we take the time to build a trusting relationship with you. Our core values of Trust, Family, Excellence, and Passion shine through in every interaction.

Tailored Treatments

Our experienced dentists, each with over 20 years of experience, offer many treatment options. From teeth straightening to full mouth implants, our state-of-the-art equipment and award-winning laboratories ensure the highest quality of care.

Holistic Approach

We consider your dental and overall health, offering treatments that contribute to your complete well-being, including wrinkle-reducing treatments and dental sedation for nervous patients.

A Comprehensive Range of Treatment Options

The clinic is equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to offer advanced procedures like crowns and full mouth implants in just a day.

Cosmetic Dentistry

From teeth whitening to smile makeovers, our extensive cosmetic dentistry options ensure you can confidently show off your smile.

More comprehensive

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve by adopting the latest dental technologies and techniques, ensuring you receive the most advanced care possible.

Transparent Pricing

At St Peter's Studio Dental Clinic, we believe in complete transparency regarding pricing. Here are some of our standard charges:

  • Initial consultation (over 18): £86
  • Teeth Whitening: From £365
  • Crowns: From £924
  • Dentures: From £785
  • Root Canal Treatment (RCT): From £613

For a more detailed list of our dental and hygienist pricing options, please visit our Pricing Page.

Dental Plans for Every Need

We offer a variety of dental plans to make your dental care more accessible and affordable:

All our plans include up to two small routine x-rays per year, routine oral cancer screening, diet and oral hygiene advice, and eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme.

The Adult Standard Plan

For £22.50 per month, this plan covers:

  • Two dental health examinations per year
  • Two dental hygiene appointments (30 minutes each)
  • 10% discount on treatment charges excluding specialist treatments

The Adult Enhanced Plan

For £34.20 per month, this plan covers:

  • Two dental health examinations per year
  • Four dental hygiene appointments (30 minutes each)
  • 10% discount on treatment charges excluding specialist treatments

Child Membership Plans

For children aged 0 – 18 years, our Children’s Plan costs £5.95 per month and covers routine check-ups and preventive dental care.

Cost vs. Value

While private dental care may come with a higher upfront cost, its value in terms of personalised care, advanced treatment options, and immediate availability often outweighs the initial investment, especially in the long term.

Our flexible payment plans and transparent pricing make managing your dental expenses easier without compromising on quality.


Choosing between NHS and private dental care is a significant decision. However, the benefits of opting for private care at St Peter's Studio Dental Clinic—ranging from personalised treatment plans to flexible financing options—make it a choice worth considering.

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Ready to experience the difference that private dental care can make? Schedule a consultation with us today and join our ever-growing family. With our transparent pricing and flexible payment plans, high-quality dental care has never been more accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What makes private dental care different from NHS dental care?

Private dental care offers more personalised treatment options, shorter waiting times, and access to the latest dental technologies. While NHS dental care provides essential treatments, private care allows for a broader range of cosmetic and elective procedures.

Q. Why are the dental treatments expensive?

While private dental care may have a higher upfront cost, we offer transparent pricing and flexible payment plans to make it more affordable. For example, our Adult Standard Plan starts at just £22.50 per month and covers two dental health examinations and dental hygiene appointments yearly.

Q. What payment options do you offer?

We offer various payment plans, including the Adult Standard and Adult Enhanced Plan, to suit different needs and budgets. These plans cover routine check-ups and dental hygiene appointments and even offer a 10% discount on other treatments.

Q. Do you offer emergency dental services?

Yes, we offer emergency dental services seven days a week. Our emergency appointment for adults over 18 is priced at £99, and for new patients, it's £109.

Q. Do you provide treatments for children?

Absolutely, we have a Children's Plan that costs £5.95 per month for children ages 0 – 18 years. This plan covers routine check-ups and preventive dental care.

Q. What kind of cosmetic treatments do you offer?

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening, crowns, and dermal fillers. Our teeth whitening services start from £365, and dermal fillers are available at £297.

Q. What hygiene services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive dental hygiene services including routine cleanings, gum treatments, and oral hygiene education sessions. These sessions are designed to help patients maintain their oral health and prevent dental issues.

Q. How often should I have a dental hygiene appointment?

The frequency of dental hygiene appointments can vary depending on your specific oral health needs. However, as a general rule, we recommend scheduling a hygiene appointment every six months to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Q. Do your hygiene services include advice on home care routines?

Yes, part of our hygiene services includes providing advice and guidance on home care routines. This includes teaching the proper brushing and flossing techniques and recommending suitable oral care products.

Q. Are dental hygiene services included in the dental plans?

Yes, our dental plans do include hygiene services. The Adult Standard Plan covers two dental hygiene appointments per year, while the Adult Enhanced Plan provides four dental hygiene appointments annually.

Q. Can I book a standalone hygiene appointment?

Absolutely, you can book a standalone hygiene appointment outside of any dental plans. This is especially beneficial for patients who require more frequent cleanings or those not enrolled in our dental plans.