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Wrinkle Reduction
Forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, chin dimples, a down-turned mouth or bunny lines on the nose – all can be treated and prevented from becoming worse with Azzulure, perhaps better known by its US name of Botox®.

Facial Contouring
Small aesthetic changes can sometimes produce dramatic results and nowhere is this truer than with facial contouring. If your facial shape is imbalanced, or age or illness have taken a heavy toll on your facial muscles, a Dermal Filler like Juvéderm® or Restylane® can rejuvenate your looks and provide a temporary beauty lift without surgery. It is similar to the Dermal Filler used for the lips except in a form more suitable for larger areas so it can smooth out deep folds and wrinkles to give you a more balanced, more youthful-looking appearance.

Lip Enhancement
If you have thin lips or excessive lines around your mouth, a dermal filler such as Juvéderm® or Restylane ®can enhance your lips and improve your smile in as little as one hour.

Dermal treatments can help revitalise, lift or define areas of your face, and are used by medical practitioners around the world.