Perhaps you are finding difficulty eating or you do not like your smile. Do not worry our experienced dentists can help you on your journey to straighter teeth using a variety of methods including invisible braces. The smile you have always wanted is closer than you think.

What is Invisalign?
Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners which are almost invisible to see. A series of aligners are designed using digital technology to map out your journey from where you are now to straighter teeth. This means you will only need short visits every 6-8 weeks to your dentist.

Orthodontics | Teeth Straightening Bedford Image

Does the process hurt?

The Aligners are made from SmartTrack material so wearing them will be comfortable. They are shaped at the gum line to make them fit better. They are so easy to put in and take out. You will be aware that the teeth are moving just after your visit to the dentist. But after that there is not really much sensation.

Do you use conventional braces?

Different solutions are suitable for different people. Sometimes the traditional ‘train track’ braces will provide you with the quickest results. Do not worry your journey to straighter teeth does not mean you have to have lots of metal in your mouth. We can provide white brackets and the wire will be discreet.

The straighter teeth experience

At St. Peter's the dentists and supporting team members aim to ensure that you will experience the perfect journey to achieving a beautiful straight smile. We use the very highest standards in advanced modern orthodontic treatments for our patients. Our orthodontic treatments aim to correct problems including gaps, crooked and twisted teeth, overbites, underbites and overcrowding.

Our comprehensive approach to orthodontics ensures that you will be presented with all the treatment options during a consultation and be informed about the process at every stage and appointment.

Our treatment approach always has a holistic goal, treating the whole face, with orthodontics at the centre of it. The end result is a beautiful smile with facial harmony.